Welding & Fabrication

One of BDE's highly skilled Welders

Since 1990 we have been able to carry out stainless steel pipework and framed fabrications in our workshop in Northampton. We also manufacture our own range of strainers, which allows us to undertake bespoke units to suit customers requirements.

Our welding and polishing is carried out to the highest standard expected in the Brewing & Food industries. Welds can be fully penetrated & purged, giving a crack and crevice free joint.

Where required, weld removal and polishing is generally to 240 grit, dull polished, however higher polishing can be requested.

  • Prefabricated pipework sections
  • Union adaptors
  • Manifolds
  • Jacketted pipework
  • Valve jacketting
  • Flow plate
  • Bespoke strainers